Minecraft server hosting service

Minecraft server hosting service

My daughters and I love playing Minecraft. We have been setting up Minecraft servers and playing since 2021. We have Vanilla Servers, Cross-platform PaperMC servers, and Modded servers. Our favorite mods currently are the CreateMod and TerrafirmaCraft.

We can host several servers in the cloud or on-premise in my home lab. Most Minecraft hosting services charge a lot for minimal CPU and ram resources. This usually results in crashes and corrupted progress, especially for modded servers. Also, you are doing most of the work for setup and installation.

My service offers no setup on your part or a limit on resources. Just ask for what you want, and we'll set it up and apply whatever resources it needs to run. Three price tiers are offered, but the higher tiers only offer my attention. There is;

  • Bronze for $7 per month
  • Silver for $10 per month
  • Gold for $15 per month

If you appreciate our services, reward us by subscribing to the higher tiers. Fill out the form below to make your request, and we will contact you soon. You can also jump onto the currently running servers.

  • Create Astral Modpak
  • SeriousCraft Modpak
  • Steller Create Modpak
  • 1.19.04 Vanilla Java/Bedrock

Please join us!